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The three showcases named aiiima are at the entrance of Creative Lounge MOV. aiiima is a place that supports innovative businesspeople and companies that think outside the box and venture into aiiima, the "gap" between traditional categories of how, when, and where people work. Many projects including "Visit the office", where controversial companies moved in to use aiiima as their office, and "in/off", where users enjoyed online services in real life, were introduced while workshops of various contents took place. aiiima can be used for marketing and promotional purposes for both individuals and big companies. Events, presentations, and talks can also be held here.
Hiroshi Eguchi
Art Director
Akihiro Kumagaya
Project Manager
Akira Kuroki(UTRECHT)


aiiima price
aiiima floor

  1. The minimum rental period is 1 week.Long-term and office use are aiso available.
  2. The individual price is for solo proprietors, or corporations established in the last 3 years with less than 10,000,000 JPY in capital.
  3. Payment must be made 1 month before use.
  4. A temporary reservation period is 2 weeks from the first contact.
  5. As of April 2018, seasonal prices will apply for the following period: Oct 1st - mid- November & March1 - mid-April.
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aiiima rental

How to use aiiima

aiiima flow
  1. Please apply after reading the regulation thoroughly.
  2. aiiima office examines the exhibition outline and informs the results and the dates.
  3. The link for Reservation Form will be given when the aiiima office will inform the exhibitor the results for acceptance. Send in a reservation form within 2 weeks. If cancellation is necessary, make sure to inform us within the 2 weeks, otherwise cancellation fee will be charged after this period.
  4. Submission of Reservation Form finalizes the reservation. Form this point on, a cancellation charge will arise.

<Possible Application Period>
Corporation:From 1 year before exhibition
Individual:From 6 months before exhibition
We are always looking for prospective events.
You will need to pass a review before you use the space. Please contact us for details about use and rates.

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