Service PriceService Price

Service Price

Facilities/ Rental items/ ServicesPrice
27inch Monitors(※)LG / FLATRON 27EN43V-B
HDMI / D-Sub
Pen tablets(※)intuos5 M / PTK-650FREE
Battery chargers for iPhone / Android (※)Second important thing to life?FREE
Windows PCs(※)Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Access(Microsoft)¥1,000(tax excluded)
USBs(※)Make sure to delete all data when you are doneFREE
FAXYou can receive a fax only when you are @MOVReceiving ¥11
Sending ¥33~
Envelopes3 different typesstandard sized ¥20
A4 ¥30
Sticky notesFor an aha moment?L ¥150
S ¥50
Campus notebooksBecause we're KOKUYOA4 ¥300
A5 ¥150
FilesVarious types for different purposes¥20~
Open Lounge
Facilities/ Rental items/ ServicesPrice
Drip coffee / Coffee machineTastes better when you shareFREE
SnacksLet's get sugar high!!!FREE
LibraryInteresting books selected by Hiroshi EguchiFREE
Copy machine (coin operated)Laser printer
AperosPort-Ⅵ C3371
Black & white copy
ScannerPlease use the copy machineFREE
ShredderBye byeFREE
ScanSnap iX500(※)To scan business cardsFREE
SNAPLITE(※)A smart light that transforms your iPhone into a scannerFREE
LockersAdditional option for monthly members¥5,000 /
month(tax excluded)
Small lockersAvailable for two hours at a time. Ask staff for the keys!FREE
Coat hangersDon't forget your jacketFREE
Zabuton / cushionsLet's be kind to your backFREE
BlanketsWe'll keep you warmFREE
Spare chairsUnexpected guests?FREE
Residence Area
Facilities/ Rental items/ ServicesPrice
Copy machine(on credit)Laser printer
AperosPort-Ⅵ C3371
Black & white copy
ScannerPlease use the copy machineFREE
ShredderBye byeFREE
Facilities/ Rental items/ ServicesPrice
Vending machinesWhen you are tired of free coffee and water¥100~
Water serverThirsty?FREE
MicrowaveDid you take out the fruits from your bento box?FREE
TrashcanLet's keep it clean
Meeting Room
Facilities/ Rental items/ ServicesPrice
MonitorsHDMI / D-SubFREE
WhiteboardsEvery room is equipped with a whiteboardFREE
Wireless mic set(※)2 speakers & 2 microphones¥10,000(tax excluded)
Video camera & tripod(※)canon iVHS HF M25¥3,000(tax excluded)
Phone conference system(※)International calls will be charged separately¥3,000(tax excluded)
Flip charts(※)Digitalize your handwritten ideas¥1,000(tax excluded)
Laser pointers(※)When you want to look professional¥500(tax excluded)
Pointers(※)70cm long¥500(tax excluded)
Bottled water(200ml)Comes with a receipt¥191(tax excluded)

(※)Supplies are limited.