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2023年11月21日 NPO法人YouMeWeが『ファン(ド)・レイザー』を開催します!

presenter ▶︎ NPO法人YuoMeWe[ MOV member ]


**English below**




子供を育てるには、村 = 集落やコミュニティが必要だといわれます。YouMeWeは10年という活動の中で、赤ちゃんが成長し大人になっていく姿を見てきました。最も重要なことは、彼らが、私たちが紹介する一夜の「EMPOWER VILLAGE」よりもっと大きなコミュニティの一部であると感じられることだと思っています。





日 時:2023年11月21日(火)18:00〜21:00
場 所:㈱セールスフォース・ジャパン 最上階オハナフロア
申 込:こちらからチケットをご購入ください
服 装:セミフォーマル、ビジネスでお願いします。

We are so very fortunate to have been invited by Salesforce Japan to utilize their spectacular Ohana Floor at the top of the building with breathtaking views of the Imperial Palace and gardens.

YouMeWe has come to the end of our original 5-year plan and would like the opportunity to thank our donors and volunteers but more importantly, include our beneficiaries from the homes we have been supporting since 2007.

Your presence would be so special to us and we are planning a FUNraiser with music, videos, and showcasing the different skills that we are teaching the children. We would also like to raise awareness and funds for our Mark Bell Scholarship fund as many of the scholars will visit and continue to need our support for tuition going into 2024.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and the work YouMeWe does is measured in decades as we have seen babies grow up and move into adulthood. Most importantly is that they feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves which is the EMPOWER VILLAGE we will introduce during the night.

Please do join us and let us know if you have suggestions or offers for silent auction items and raffle prizes. We look forward to having you with us and being ours for one night.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Perry-Clemons and the entire YouMeWe Board of directors

P.S. Semi-formal, business attire.



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