Showcase aiiima

The three showcases named aiiima are at the entrance of Creative Lounge MOV. aiiima is a place that supports people who are taking on business with innovate thinking, and those who are at unique situations regarding their position in society, time they have, and the locations their lives take them.

aiiima can also be used for marketing and promotional space.

Showcase aiiima events
  • Complete Package of Information
    ・aiiima outline
    ・aiiima plan
    ・aiiima regulation
    ・Hikarie loading route
    ・Notification form for using carriage area

We are always looking for prospective events.

(Three sections—1: 27.60m2,2: 21.25m2,3: 21.25m2

You will need to pass a review before you use the space.
Please contact us for details about use and rates.

Showcase aiiima
Showcase aiiima
Showcase aiiima
Showcase aiiima
Showcase aiiima

aiiima is a place where the future is exhibited.

For example, if a controversial corporation is moving in, “Visit the office” offers a look into their office.

“in/off” provides a chance for users to experience online services in real life. We also have workshops of various contents. We want to transmit events, making use of the three spaces of aiiima.


Director:Hiroshi Eguchi (UTRECHT)
Art Director:Akihiro Kumagaya(ALEKOLE)
Project Manager:Hiroko Yota (UTRECHT)

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